Simple and Affordable Building Automation with BLU SeNS™ sensors

The future of energy-saving lighting controls is here with BLU SeNS™ motion sensing and daylight harvesting by J2Light®.

Reduce Your Building’s Overhead with Motion Sensing and Daylight Harvesting

BLU SeNS™ state-of-the-art technology enables optimal energy savings by incorporating motion sensing and daylight harvesting into your lighting systems. BLU SeNS™ can be easily integrated with BLU BaRS™ retrofits and BLU BRiDGe™ controlled lighting fixtures, providing a simple low cost effective solution for your building automation. With BLU SeNS™, your lighting systems will automatically adjust to occupancy and daylight, ensuring that lights are only on when needed. As a result, your energy consumption is reduced, and your cost savings are increased. BLU SeNS™ offers an efficient way to achieve energy savings without sacrificing your quality of lighting, providing a more sustainable and comfortable lighting experience for all of your building’s occupants.


Thanks to wireless light control networks, wiring and manual configuration are history, and users can adjust their lighting preferences directly through the SMART BLU™ CLOUD app! The app allows for customization of color, brightness, and sensor settings, including Circadian Rhythm lighting with the Daily Cycle™ function.

Wireless switches and remotes enable your building’s occupants to adjust or return to building defaults without any need for maintenance intervention. With BLU SeNS™, a variety of motion and daylight harvesting sensors can be added per fixture or room, further enhancing the automation experience of your building. Simply plug them into the nearest BLU DRiVe™ or BLU BRiDGe™ controller, and enjoy lights that automatically adjust to daylight and user presence, providing you with power and cost savings on your schedule.

BLU SeNS™ Downloadable Assets and Product Specifications

Motion/Daylight plug-in sensor used per fixture for maximum power savings

Motion/Daylight plug-in sensor used per room/area for power savings

Wide range Motion/Daylight plug-in sensor for parking garage and stairwell applications

For LED High Bays with drivers that offer 0-10V Dim-to-Off (No Auxillary Power). Includes motion/daylight sensor

For use with Blu BRiDGe™ controllers for high ceilling installations. Includes motion/daylight sensor

For LED High Bays with drivers that offer 0-10V Dim-to-Off along with 12V Auxillary Power. Includes motion/daylight sensor


Hear What Others Are Saying About J2 Light® and the Blu Ecosystem™

Automann is committed to increasing efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. The SMART BLU™ wireless controllable LED high bays allow us to easily group and link lights and set the light levels we want for each specific task area. The motion/daylight sensors maximize power savings by dimming down or turning off when areas are unoccupied. J2 Light® has been a reliable partner in our sustainability efforts. The whole team at J2 Light has been excellent in helping us set up and make sure the SMART BLU™ wireless controllable LED high bays work for us and our facility.

Vince Segreto Warehouse Manager
Automann Heavy Duty Canada ULC.

We have upgraded many of our 3PL warehouse properties with LED fixtures from J2 Light®, some with wireless controllers and almost all with motion sensors. Our office staff are very happy with the improved light quality at their desks, and the high-bay warehouse lighting has improved our floor visibility even in fully racked high-rise warehouse areas. The energy savings from the LED fixtures themselves have provided benefits, but J2 has been instrumental in helping drive down total energy consumption through expert zone setups and motion sensor configurations. All of this has dramatically lowered our electric utility costs across millions of square feet of facilities. We are very happy to continue to support J2 Light® and are impressed with the responsive services they provide.

Michael Haas President
MTE Logistix Group of Companies

The Saville Community Sports Centre is one of the largest in North America, featuring 350,000 square feet dedicated to volleyball, basketball, curling, and indoor tennis. J2 Light® has been a reliable supplier of affordable and energy-efficient lighting and controls to our facility since 2011.

Bruce Bourguignon Operations Supervisor
VPFO Saville Community Sports

Our company strives to offer our customers sustainable, energy-efficient lighting. The BLU BaRS™ product from J2 Light® allowed us to simply and economically retrofit our old parking garage strip lights into wireless controllable LED lights. Using the SMART BLU™ app, we can easily change colour and set light levels, and the microwave sensors dim lights when spaces are unoccupied. Our parkade now offers bright new light, and we save significantly on power.

Blair Sorensen Building Operator
Ironwood Management

J2 has been a pleasure to work with on our interior LED project. After retrofitting several of our buildings to LED and installing thousands of retrofit kits, we decided to add latches to each retrofit kit. J2 addressed our request and immediately went into action designing the latch that met our needs. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, they quickly mobilized, and we had thousands of the latches installed in a matter of a few weeks. Jeff and J2 were very attentive to our needs and provided us excellent customer service in order to help us accomplish our goal.

Lara Farrell Project Manager, Engineering
Irvine Company Office Properties

SMART BLU™ wireless control products by J2 Light® have been instrumental in helping us transform our lighting into a modern and intuitive energy-saving system. The savings and improvements are obvious, and we are very happy!

Rose Lasalandra Controller
O.P.D.I. Logistics & Warehousing Inc.
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